I dont follow any of the standards of the hop artists of today.I just make beats that I find entertaining because I DONT LIKE THEY BEATS!!!I THINK THEY BORING.So when you hear a lot going on in my beats give it a sec n u might agree with the 60.5 MIL fans that I've reached on social media alone that my shit ant just different its great and amazing and MORE ENTERTAINING than the rest.

Love & respect ~ Apac X

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 .99mp3's you wont believe the power & creativity I've put into these new tracks.People are willing to pay 5$ for a cup of coffee that cost pennies to make is gone after 1 use but people dont pay 1$ for a song that costs thousands to record can be used over & over & took years of practice to create and lasts a lifetime?!RESPECT THE ARTIST BUY THE MUSIC!!!

funny shit I found searching FaceBoook

I break all curses spoken or otherwise placed over Apac X His music His music pages His life through Jesus name now.I prevent the manipulation of numbers or stats on any site that has to do with Apac X through Jesus name now.I break all acurses spoken to about or by me through Jesus name nowAND AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES ON ALL THESE.This may seem crazy to some but the truth is satan & God are real and so is witchcraft.This is a smart thing to do I have seen what curses can do to a music carreer.Jesus name is the more powerful than a lightsaber LMAO.