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<<>> My name is ARMAGEDDON.I found it on a rock!So I use Apac for short.If u look at Tupac's chest you'll see "Apac" tattoo'd on his left pec!This album has all of my favorite tracks mastered to perfection. www.cdbaby.com/cd/apac5 Sage Audio really helped me make this 1 perfect!Every song is crystal clear and the bass is low and solid.U can feel the power weather you have an amp or just reg 6x9's.But if u do have subs u can turn them up louder and the professional mastering makes it like a bass tape!The lyrics are very clever.Was contacted by def jam three times but I heard a still small voice tell me to "wait for Kanye" but only some of my songs are Christian songs.Listen & enjoy!pick up a track!only .99 mp3's! dont be afraid of new music.Just because Im not in best buy yet dosent mean I suck LOL.ps I break all curses off my music in Jesus Name

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Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 277 - Hosted By Mack Wilds

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"what we do is a direct reflection of who we think we are" ~Lu "Apac" Smyth

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"freedom defies logic" - Luke "Apac" Smyth


"those who deny freedom from others deserve it not for themselves." -Abraham Lincoln 

Album Notes My music has evolved... well I have always shot for hiphop but was severly critisized in the beginning (back in 2004) for being dubsteppy or spoken word.Course we've all got haters but my most memorable fan compliment was from a nurse in a hospital stay "I listened to the entire album".I've had S/O from Game Eminem Kanye & Nicki on MTV jams.My voice has gotten deeper but in a good way.I used to try to include as many bars and instruments as possible but now I follow Eminem's teaching for me ~ "the bass is the culprit,controls your boat" and I have a new sound.I believe Biggie was paving the way for me when He rapped "with violins and mandolins" cause I love to use them in my rhymes.Shut up I have big dreams.B.O.B. told me to "keep it relevent" so I follow his instruction as well.My rhymes are very meaningful Taylor Swift has complimented my bass as "the tightest" and i get Sage Audio to do all my mixing and mastering.now.Ahoy





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